Products for finishing and covering models
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Covering Materials for lighter models Including the very light coverings for indoor models etc.  These often save weight because the material has no adhesive.  Adhesive is painted on the aircraft struture.
Film Type Covering Materials Ideal for sport models etc.  The Solarfilm type coverings offer great value and instant success.
Polyester Film
Covering Materials
More expensive than the Solarfilm type products these are more stable in sunlight and less likely to wrinkle.
Textured Type Covering Materials Superb coverings for larger models and scale fabric covered prototypes.
Traditional Covering Materials


Nylon, the choice of champions.  The more laborious route but the most long lived.


Flair Spectrum We are constantly complemented on this range of paint.  Top scale modellers use it as do sport flyers.  It has great covering power and produces a superb finish.  Available in tins and sprays cans.
Solarlac A faster drying paint than Spectrum and one that gives a good finish.  From the Solarfilm range.
HMG Dopes etc. Traditional clear and colour dopes.  Dopes are available in shrinking and non shrinking versions.  Banana oils and sanding sealer is also available

Fillers and masking tapes

Masking Tapes Fine line tapes for pin sharp masking and ordinary paper tapes for holding paper etc. whilst spraying.
Filler Red Devil filler one of the lightest fillers available straight form the pot.


Aluclad Thin self adhesive aluminium sheet for producing engine panels etc.
Solartrim Self adhesive trim in a large range of colours to decorate any type of model.