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Radio Controlled and Free Flight
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Radio Controlled Kits and Almost Ready to Fly Models that require Radio Control guidance whilst flying.  This is a fascinating skill that can be refined to incredible levels as demonstrated by the top display pilots.
Flair Classic Scale A range of near scale larger models for those who enjoy building as much as flying.  All can be flown by a reasonable pilot with ease.
Flair Scouts Sport scale medium sized models for those who like to capture the atmosphere of the 1910 to 1930 era.
Flair Trainers and Vintage Learn to fly with a pedigree Flair trainer.  Also vintage models for those who want to recapture the earlier days of model flying.
Flair Military Sport Scale Sport scale models of famous fighting aircraft, including two electric twin engined models.
Tangent Gliders A superb range of gliders and electric powered gliders some of which were previously distributed by Multiplex.  Great models with a superb reputation.
West Wings Smaller radio controlled models but superbly kitted, suitable for first steps into flying.
Free Flight Aircraft ranging from small chuck gliders through rubber powered scale and sport models up to quite large gliders.
Flair Mini Classics Beautifully kitted models of very famous prototypes, rubber powered.
West Wings Scale Series Mainly rubber powered models of some interesting prototypes from this great manufacturer.
West Wings Wingleader Series Similar to above but slightly smaller and featuring WW2 fighters.
Aerographics Scale Series A range of close scale very interesting aircraft for the fan of indoor and light wind flying.
West Wings Gliders and Rubber Powered Ideal introductions to the aeromodelling hobby.  Simple but teach you all you need to know.
West Wings Profile Simple pre-printed sheet profile fuselage models for the very first steps in model flying.  Ideal as stocking fillers.
Chuck Gliders Great fun at very little cost.  Who has not enjoyed chucking one of these around.