Items for completing models and for use at the flying field
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Aircraft accessories

To add detail and functionality to your aircraft.

  Retracts and tailwheels
Cockpits and Canopies
Wheels and Floats
Decals and Graphics
Wing Fittings
Flying field accessories

To aid the process of flying at the field.

Items for use on the flying field.
Flight boxes
Power panels
Glow Starts
Wing bolt drivers
Electrical accessories

General electrical items.

Lead acid batteries
Mains Chargers
Plugs, Sockets and Wire
Heat Shrink Sleeving
Covering Irons
Control accessories

Link servo to Surface.

Various accessories that provide aircraft control.  The link between the servo and the control surface including hinges and torque rods etc.
SLEC accessories

General Accessories.

A range of general accessories for model aircraft and for flying them.  There are many useful items within the SLEC range and there is sure to be something to overcome that awkward problem that you have.
Radio Active accessories

More general accessories for flying models.

    Similar to the SLEC range of products but with additional items that solve all sorts of commonly occuring problems of fitting out a model.