Modelling Knives
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Scalpel and 5 Blades,
by Swann Morton for those delicate jobs. (Blade type 25A) T96038
Blades only (25A)
Swann Morton Retractaway Knife and Blades
Supplied with 2 number 10A blades
Craft Tool,
by Swann Morton a plastic handled light general purpose modelling knife with a choice of three blade types.
Handle T96040
Blade No1 T96041
Blade No2 T96042
Blade No3 T96043
Supatool Handle,
by Swann Morton, an extremely useful modelling knife.
Spare Blades
Balsa Stripper,
by Master Airscrew this useful tool saves money. Cuts sheet up to 1/4, (6mm), thick and strips it up to 1/2, (13mm), wide. The strip width adjustment screw can be used to get very good accuracy; one turn equates to 1/32, (0.8mm).