K and S Metal Products - Round Rods

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The range of K and S metal products are well known throughout the modelling world. Sold in many sizes and sections the items have very many uses. The brass and copper sections can be soft soldered with ease and the aluminium sections can either be epoxied together or brazed with the modern proprietary systems.
The tubes are produced such that sections can be picked to slide one in the other.

Solid Round Brass Rod
36" (914 mm) length
36" lengths will be ordered specially so please allow extra delivery time.
0.020" dia MKS2159
1/32" dia MKS2160
3/64" dia MKS2161
0.072" dia MKS2169
0.081" dia MKS2168
3/32" dia MKS1163
0.114" dia MKS2167
1/8" dia MKS1162
3/16" dia MKS2166
Solid Round Brass Rod
12" (300 mm) length
0.020" dia MKS159
1/32" dia MKS1602
3/64" dia MKS1619
0.081" dia MKS168
1/16" dia MKS1626
0.072" dia MKS1695
3/32" dia MKS163
0.114" dia MKS1671
1/8" dia MKS164
5/32" dia MKS165
3/16" dia MKS166