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Traditional Coverings - Tissue

Product:   Tissue

as stated in tips on finishing, is not only a covering for small models but is the basis of a superb finish for larger all sheeted models. The tissue provides a perfect skin to prevent wood cracks appearing and a base for the finishing system of sanding sealer and paint. Effort put in with sandpaper and wet and dry will result in the ultimate finish.
The tissue is supplied in two weights, light, (called Lite Flite) and medium, (called Super Flite).
The light weight is ideal for very small free flight models such as the Keil Kraft scale range whereas the medium is more suited to skinning and larger free flight models eg, the Keil Kraft Gypsy.
Long standing free-flight experts have stated that our tissue is amongst the best they have used.
Lite Flite Super Flite
450x600mm 600x900mm
(18 x 24) (24 x 36)
Orange T615O T200O
Blue T615B n/a
Red T615R T200R
White T615W T200W
Yellow T615Y T200Y
Black T615BK n/a
Green T615G n/a

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