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The Spectrum Range
Spray Paint
Tins of Paint
High Build Primer
Fuel Proofer
Button Cleaner

All, (except the high build primer), are enamel based and fuel resistant. No additional fuel proofer is required for normal fuel usage if the model is cleaned after each flying session.

The Spectrum range has earned a formidable reputation for being a first class finishing system. Choose from spray cans or tins and use the range of colours to add a fuel resistant finish to your model. If you prefer to use other paint systems and just need a fuel proofer this is available.

high build primer provides an excellent key for finishing paints and for those looking for the perfect finish can be cut back with wet and dry paper to produce that really professional look.

Button cleaner is used to clear paint from spray paint nozzles so that these can be used time and time again.
When you have finished a spray session invert the can and spray to clear the down tube; then remove the "button" or nozzle and fit this to the button cleaner can.
Spray for a few seconds, remove the button and shake/wipe dry.

Tins are 125 ml, spray cans 400 ml
                          Tin Spray
Gloss White FL6200 FL6400
Gloss Red FL6201 FL6401
Gloss Cub Yellow FL6202 FL6402
Gloss Black FL6203 FL6403
Gloss Dark Blue FL6204 FL6404
Gloss Light Blue FL6205 FL6405
Gloss Orange FL6206 FL6406
Gloss Silver FL6207 FL6407
Gloss Clear FL6208 FL6408
Gloss Green FL6212 FL6412
Matt White FL6300 FL6500
Matt Red FL6301 FL6501
Matt Yellow FL6302 FL6502
Matt Black FL6303 FL6503
Matt Dark Blue FL6304 FL6504
Matt Light Blue FL6305 FL6505
Matt Clear FL6308 FL6508
Matt Light Grey FL6310 FL6510
Matt Dark Grey FL6311 FL6511
Matt Dark Green FL6312 FL6512
Matt Duck Egg Blue FL6313 FL6513
Matt Dark Earth FL6314 FL6514
Matt Olive Drab FL6315 FL6515
Matt PC10 FL6316 FL6516
Fuel Proofer - Clear Satin FL6309 FL6509
Fuel Proofer - Clear Gloss FL6209 FL6409
High Build Primer N/A FL6600
Button Cleaner N/A FL6601
Thinners FL6540 (125 ml)
Thinners FL6550 (500 ml)

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