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Finishing Materials - Trims

Product:   Solartrim

avoids all the masking associated with painted trim on models. The sheets can be cut to any shape with a sharp knife or scissors and tried against the model before removing the backing and fixing.
The trim is very thin, dense in colour, light and tough.
The colour range matches the other Solarfilm products.

Supplied in rolls 330 mm x 910 mm, (13 x 36).
Cat. Numbers
Black ST1600
White ST1601
Tropic Blue ST1602
Dark Blue ST1603
Heather ST1604
Red ST1605
Dark Red ST1606
Yellow ST1607
Orange ST1608
Metallic Green ST1609
Metallic Blue ST1610
Metallic Gold ST1611
Metallic Silver ST1612
Fluorescent Red ST1613
Fluorescent Yellow ST1614
Flourescent Green ST1615
Fluorescent Pink ST1616
Fluorescent Orange ST1617
Metallic Red ST1618
Blackberry ST1618A
Lux Blue ST1619
Ocean Blue ST1620
Chrome ST1621
Dark Yellow ST1622

Give your model some real sparkle