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Fuel resistant finishes and clear resin proofers in a colour range to match the superb range of Solarfilm / Solartex coverings.
Use the colours to match any areas not covered by Solarfilm/Solartex and to add trim or use them to colour the whole model when this has been covered in a neutral base material.
Solar-lac thinners is available for use with these finishes.

Paint a structure with Balsaloc before covering to ensure that a really firm attachment is achieved when applying iron on coverings. Also useful as a primer to re-attach lifted edges. 110 gm pots. SX38500

An etch primer for plastic and metal surfaces. Prymol solves the problems of heat shrink coverings lifting at overlaps or where they are laid over metal and also provides an etched key for paints on metal, plastics, and heat shrink coverings. It can also be used to re-attach coverings where wear and tear has taken its toll.
110ml tins SX4000

Solar-lac Cat. Numbers
Thinners 500 ml tins SL1620
Clearcote - 110 ml tins SX5000
Fuel Proofer 500 ml tins SX5500

Solar-lac paint
110 ml tins
Cat. Numbers
Gloss White SL1600
Gloss Yellow SL1601
Gloss Dark Yellow SL1602
Gloss Orange SL1603
Gloss Red SL1604
Gloss Dark Red SL1605
Gloss Dark Green SL1606
Gloss Tropic Blue SL1607
Gloss Ocean Blue SL1608
Gloss Dark Blue SL1609
Silver SL1610
Antique SL1611
Gloss Black SL1612
Gloss Heather SL1613
Gloss Lux Blue SL1614
Gloss Violet SL1615

A good range of paints