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Traditional Coverings - Nylon

Product:   Nylon

for open structured models and sheeted areas where strength and the very best finish is required. There is little argument that the extra time required to apply nylon is well worth while for the discerning modeller. Nylon will shrink to a very taut state and stay this way for the life of a model. In fact care needs to be taken to ensure that it does not over tighten and cause structural deformation on lighter models. Thinning the dope or using a combination of non shrinking and shrinking dope will alleviate this.
Various colours are available*, 1m, (39) approx. width.
1 m 3 m
(39) (118)
White FL6040 FL6050
Red FL6041 FL6051
Yellow FL6042 FL6052
* Note coloured nylon is proving
difficult to source so ask before

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