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Finishing Materials - Masking Tapes

Product:   Masking Tape

Hints on using masking tapes.
Store tapes in sealed tins laid flat on a piece of greaseproof or silicon paper, this keeps them clean and extends the shelf life.
Ensure tapes, paint and aircraft structure are at similar temperatures when using.
When applying tapes pull gently to the line required but do not stretch. Rub down the paint side edge with your finger nail, pen top or similar, and gently smooth down the remaining width.
When adding masking paper, to avoid paint overspray, use one of the paper tapes but be advised that if the adhesive of the general purpose tape is left in contact with your model for a lengthy time it may leave adhesive marks that will be difficult to remove.
Try not to leave paint blobs overlapping the masking tapes.
When removing tapes our experience is that to do this whilst the paint is wet gives a better result, chips are avoided.
Whenever possible pull the tape back on itself when removing; try not to pull perpendicular to the surface.

Fine Line Masking Tape
A low tack plastic tape easily bendable around curves giving superb edge definition to your paint scheme. Use high quality or general purpose tape in addition to fix areas of masking paper to avoid unwanted overspray.
2.5mm wide (FL1702),
4.5mm wide (FL1705), both 66m long.

High Quality Masking Tape
A high quality paper masking tape with paper and adhesive designed for low tack and long shelf life. This masking tape can be used alone or in conjunction with fine line tape. It is unsuitable for sharply curving paint schemes.
FL1710, 12mm wide 50m long.

General Purpose Adhesive Tape
A self adhesive paper tape for general fixing and secondary masking. Care should be exercised if using this tape for masking. When left in contact with a surface for a prolonged period it can be difficult to remove.
FL1720, 18mm wide 50m long.

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