Finishing Materials - Dopes

Product:   HMG Dopes and Fillers

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The H Marcel Guest Range of Cellulose Dopes and Fillers Etc.
Well respected as being excellent finishing material this selection offers those looking for traditional dope finishes a healthy choice. The more uncommon finishing materials such as Banana Oil and Non Shrinking Dope are included.

Spray tins for those looking for the ultimate finish
Clear Shrinking Dope - spray HMG60
Sanding Sealer - spray HMG61
banana Oil - spray HMG62

Larger sizes for those building Big!
Tin Size 1 ltr 5 ltr
Clear Shrinking Dope HMG10 HMG11
Non Shrinking Dope HMG16 HMG17
Sanding Sealer HMG25 n/a

Tin Size
60 ml 125 ml 250 ml 500 ml

Clear Shrinking Dope HMG6 HMG7 HMG8 HMG9
Non Shrinking Dope HMG12 HMG13 HMG14 HMG15
Banana Oil HMG18 HMG19 HMG20 n/a
Sanding Sealer HMG21 HMG22 HMG23 HMG24
Dope Thinners n/a HMG30 HMG31 HMG32
White Dope HMG40 HMG50 n/a n/a
Black Dope HMG41 HMG51 n/a n/a
Red Dope HMG42 HMG52 n/a n/a
Yellow Dope HMG43 HMG53 n/a n/a
Orange Dope HMG44 HMG54 n/a n/a
Light Blue Dope HMG45 HMG55 n/a n/a
Dark Blue Dope HMG46 HMG56 n/a n/a
Silver Dope HMG47 HMG57 n/a n/a
Green Dope HMG48 HMG58 n/a n/a
PC10 Olive Dope HMG49 HMG59 n/a n/a
Fuel Proofer HMG4 n/a n/a n/a

A good range of paints