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Product:   Aluclad

is a self adhesive aluminium foil on a protective backing specifically suited to covering model aircraft. It is a one step fuel proof finish. The acrylic adhesive is a long ageing grade giving easy application and a very high final strength. Typical applications for Aluclad are: scale panels such as those around the engines of older wooden prototypes, and on more modern metal skinned aircraft the entire covering - applied as individual scale panels.
70 microns, (less than 0.003) thick , and weighing only 133 gms/m2 the covering is remarkably light and will conform to quite fine detail. The panels should be cut oversize, then applied by burnishing with a smooth hard wooden block. They should then be trimmed to final size.
305 x 640mm (12 x 25) FL1730
1000 x 640mm (39 x 25) FL1732

Great for engine panels etc.