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SLEC Tidy Tank Filler,
avoids untidy fuel tube hanging from a model for refueling. Fasten this moulding in the fuselage or cowl side and obtain access to both feed and overflow tubes. Snapping the cover shut seals both of the connections and leaves an inconspicuous streamlined form. SL53
Fuel Filter
A high quality unit turned from aluminium bar. Use to prevent carburetor blockages.

SLEC Fuel Filter,
cleaner fuel means longer lasting engines. Fit this inline filter for added protection. The filter can be dismantled to clean the element. SL92

SLEC Primer Bottle,
when first starting an engine a little extra fuel in the carburettor gets it "wet" and helps ignition. Store a little fuel in this bottle and have a convenient way of squirting this in. SL32
Re-fuelling valve,
provides a neat connection to fill the tank and shuts off after filler pipe is removed. During filling the carburetor feed is automatically shut off to prevent flooding. High quality metal construction and screw fitting installation. FL5220
Fuel Tube
Silicon fuel tube available in various bore sizes all in 30 m bundles. Suitable for all glow fuels but not petrol and diesel.

1.5 mm bore FL2083
2.0 mm bore FL2084
2.5 mm bore FL2085
3.0 mm bore FL2086
2.5 mm bore FL2087 Heavy duty
FL2087A General Purpose, suitable for petrol and diesel.
SLEC Fuel Tube Clips.
5 off SL52C
SLEC Fuel Tank Fittings,
make your own tanks from suitable tins/bottles by the addition of these fittings. SL2
Silicon Exhaust Tube
The high temperature tolerance of silicon makes it a suitable material for ducting exhausts to a convenient point. It is frequently used to prevent the grime emitted from an exhaust getting all over a model or to make connections between various components in an exhaust system.
300 mm (1 ft) lengths.
Cat. Numbers
6 mm (1/4) bore FL2088
10 mm (3/8) bore FL2089
13 mm (1/2) bore FL2090
16 mm (5/8) bore FL2091
19 mm (3/4) bore FL2092
Pressure Nipples
4 BA thread.
Insert these nipples into a silencer chamber and use the back pressure to pressurise the fuel tank. Supplied in pairs with fibre washers to seal.
Cat. Number FL2117