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Taylor Glow Plugs

... have an enviable pedigree. Chas Taylor himself worked in the electronics industry and specialised in heating filament technology for many years. He put this experience to work in pursuit of better performance from model engines by developing a range of special alloy glow plugs. Chas has personally demonstrated the quality of his plugs by using them to win British Nationals control line championships on several occasions.
Taylor plugs are available in several forms offering a choice from ultimate reliability and long life to absolute top performance.

Just like propellers, sometimes a little experimentation is needed to find the optimum glowplug for the motor/fuel combination. Try a Taylor plug in your search for more power or reliability.

1.5 - 2 Volt Long Reach and Short Reach Plugs.
These are designed for general purpose sport work using fuels with up to 20% nitromethane in the speed range 5000 to 20000 rev/min.
Cat. Numbers
Long Reach TP5007
Short Reach TP5010

1.5 - 2 Volt Radio Control Long Reach and Short Reach Plugs.
These plugs are for similar usage to the standard plug described above but the addition of an idle bar makes them better suited to the rich running conditions that exist on controlled speed engines when these are throttled back. The idle bar produces a lean mixture in the area of the plug element and greatly improves throttle response after prolonged idling.
Cat. Numbers
Long Reach TP5006
Short Reach TP5012

1.5 Volt Competition Standard Long and Short Reach Plugs.
A thicker element in these plugs makes them particularly suitable for high revving competition use. These plugs can also be used for sport flying.
Cat. Numbers
Long Reach TP5009
Short Reach TP5016

1.5 Volt Competition Radio Control Long Reach and Short Reach Plugs.
Similar usage to the Standard Competition plug but with the addition of an idle bar for better throttle response after prolonged idle.
Cat. Numbers
Long Reach TP5008
Short Reach TP5017

4 Stroke Plugs.
These plugs have been developed to give excellent top end performance and smooth tick over with quick throttle response. The extended centre post enables easy connection in the deeply recessed heads of four stroke engines.
Cat. Number TP5011

Helicopter Plugs
Developed with particular attention to the hot running conditions of helicopter engines, especially in extended hover, these plugs are well suited to fuels containing as much as 40% nitromethane engines running in the 12000 to 25000 rev/min range.
Cat. Number TP5013

Super Competition Plugs.
This is the plug that Peter Halman used to achieve a speed record of 302.7 km/hr. It uses the stronger 1.5 Volt element of the standard competition plug which is housed in a uniquely shaped plug body. This plug will be happy in a sports engine but has the capability to operate under the most arduous conditions in speed competitions and ducted fan work.
Cat. Number TP5014