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Square Plastic Tanks
These quality tanks have a very efficient seal at the neck which ensures that the connections and the neck remain fuel tight for a long time.
2 oz FL2080AA
4 oz FL2080
6 oz FL2080A
8 oz FL2080B
10 oz FL2080C
12 oz FL2080D
14 oz FL2080E
16 oz FL2080G
20 oz FL2080F


Square Fuel Tank from SLEC
a tank that will maximise capacity in rectangular section fuselages where space is at a premium, these tanks are made from moulded plastic and are supplied complete with clunk, tube and gland.
4 oz SL88
6 oz SL88A
9 oz SL88B
11 oz SL88D
14 oz SL88C
Round Fuel Tank from SLEC
this transparent plastic tank is supplied with clunk, tube, and brass feeds. The neck is sufficiently large to allow fitment of the Flair fuel level indicator screws.
2 oz SL51
4 oz SL51A
6 oz SL51B
8 oz SL51C
10 oz SL51D
12 oz SL51E