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Flair Engine Mounts
These engine mounts are specially moulded from glass reinforced nylon and are many modellerís first choice. They are tough and rigid. The grooves in the back can be used to house a nose wheel leg if required.
0.15 cu in FL2303
0.20 - 0.25 cu in FL2302
0.40 cu in FL2301
0.46 cu in FL2304
0.60 cu in FL2300
SLEC Engine Mounts,
available in various sizes these glass filled nylon mounts cater for most sizes of engine and provide a strong but resilient mounting. Four self tapping screws are provided.
0.049 cu. in SL6D
0.09 cu. in SL6C
0.15 - 0.19 cu. in SL6B
0.29 - 0.40 cu. in SL6A
0.29 - 0.40 cu. in 4 str SL6AA
0.46 - 0.53 cu. in 4 str SL6F
0.49 - 0.61 cu. in SL6
0.61 - 0.80 cu. in SL6E
0.65 - 0.91 cu. in 4 str SL6K
SLEC Adjustable Engine Mount,
sometimes it is necessary to trim material off an engine mount because an exact size is not available. This mount avoids such problems and is adjustable through a range 20 mm to 50 mm between bearers. SL98