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Electric Flight Accessories
Prop adaptors, connectors and cable

Plugs/Sockets for wiring motors etc.
These heavy duty gold plated connectors snap together and provide good contact area for the high currents taken by the power circuits for electric flight. Sleeves are included to prevent shorting.
Cat. Number FL91120

Master Airscrew Adaptor
for mounting props direct on the motor shaft. Remember that direct drive props will be smaller diameter and pitch than those driven through a gearbox.

Master Airscrew Adaptor
Gearbox prop drive shaft MF3046

Flair Prop Adaptors
These adaptors have a threaded shaft suitable for 6 mm diameter prop bores but there is also an 8mm diameter spigot which fits the bore of the appropriate Slimprops. The spigot can be removed if 6 mm bore props are to be used. This adaptor is of the collet style thus firm clamping and accurate alignment is assured. Fits 3 mm diameter shafts.

Silicon Sheathed Cable
Heavy duty cable for motor circuit wiring. The large number of copper strands and the silicon sheath make this cable very flexible; it can be passed round tight corners and pulled through structures with ease. Cross sectional area 1.5 mm2.
Red FL98040R Black FL98040B 1 m lengths
Red FL98041R Black FL98041B 5 m lengths