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West Wings "Profile" Free Flight Scale Series

West Wings Profile kits
These kits could not be easier to build. They just slot together with the application of a little adhesive. The parts are pre-decorated and no covering or finishing is required. Mums and Dads will appreciate these kits especially for those rainy days during the school holidays when the children get a little bored.
The FW190, Mustang and Spitfire are rubber motor and propeller driven. The others are gliders.
Focke Wulf 190 15 (380mm) WW16
Mustang 15 (380mm) WW17
Spitfire 15 (380mm) WW18
Eagle 12 (305mm) WW19
Eurofighter 12 (305mm) WW20
Mig 29 12 (305mm) WW21
Tiger Moth 15 (380mm) WW415