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West Wings Free Flight Scale Series
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West Wings Free Flight Scale Series

West Wings Scale Series
West wings have set new standards for model kits and are highly appreciated in modelling circles. These kits are very accurate, fly superbly and are accompanied by clear plans and instructions and all the materials needed to finish the airframe including tissue. Only adhesives and paints will be required to finish the aircraft.
All are rubber powered but electric or CO2 conversions could be fitted if required.
Dornier Do335
24.5 (645mm) WW1

Hawker Sea Fury
21.6 (549mm) WW3

Supermarine Spitfire 22/24
24.6 (625mm) WW4

Lockheed F117A Stealth Fighter
23 (584mm) WW6

De Havilland Puss Moth
24.5 (622mm) WW8

Hawker Hart
24.9 (632mm) WW9

Westland Widgeon
24.25(616mm) WW10

Piper Cub
35.2 (894mm) WW25