Spare parts for Flair supplied kits
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The following list details spares and recommended accessories for Flair builders kits.
Note that in addition to the items listed die cut panels are available but the customer must specify the panel letter, (given in the kit instructions), and qty. required. Individual parts from panels cannot be supplied.
FL1051 Alexander Schleicher ASK8 Kit
FL2495 Canopy
FL1242 Nose moulding
FL1243 Landing skid
FL1240 Airbrake set
FL2570 Wing joiners
FL2067 Tow releases
FL2067A Tow release wire loops
FL2068 Wing bolt set 2 required
FL2068B Tailplane bolt set
  FL1003 Atilla Kit
FL2080 Fuel tank
FL2068B Wing bolt set
FL2025 Cowl
FL2054 Vintage wheels, pair
FL1021 Barronette Kit
FL2080B Fuel tank
FL2068B Wing bolt set
FL2026 Cowl
FL2053 Vintage wheels, pair
FL1026 Black Magic Kit
Spares not applicable
FL2080A Suggested fuel tank
FL2202C Suggested wheels
FL1060 Boeing PT-17 Stearman Kit
FL1286 ABS mouldings set
FL1284 Engine crankcase moulding
FL1285 Front fuselage moulding
FL1283 Wheels, pair
FL2080F Fuel tank
FL1282 Undercarriage leg set
FL2201 Tailwheel
FL1287 Wing ret. cap screw set (8 off)
FL1056 Bristol Beaufighter Kit
FL2497A Mouldings set
FL2068B Wing bolt set
FL1256 Decals
FL1059 Bristol F2b Fighter Kit
~ Exhaust shroud mouldings
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL1275 Decals
FL1038 Cub 4 ch. with b/u wings Kit and
FL1036 Cub 4 ch. with foam wings Kit
FL2029A Veneered wing cores - 4 ch
FL1037 Wing kit - foam 4 ch
FL1037A Wing kit - b/u 4 ch
FL2007 Fuselage kit, exc tail
FL2018 Cowl
FL2046 Suggested decals (G-AYPM)
FL2048AA Suggested decals USAF
FL2049 Suggested floats
FL2047 Steerable tailwheel assy.
FLS001 Cub Panel A (parts 13563538)
FLS002 Cub Panel B (parts 21853)
FLS003 Cub Panel C (parts 710222324252829)
FLS004 Cub Panel D (parts 89212627)
FLS005 Cub Panel E (parts 12151622a)
FLS006 Cub Panel F (parts 11203134)
FLS007 Cub Panel G (parts 46474849505152)
FLS008 Cub Wing Seat (part 4)
FLS009 Cub U/C Block Front (part 13)
FLS010 Cub U/C Block Rear (part 14)
FLS011 Cub Engine Bearer (part 17)
FLS012 Cub Tailplane Sternpost (part 19)
FLS013 Cub Rear Stringer (part 30)
FLS014 Cub Tailskid (part 32)
FLS015 Cub Underside Sheet (part 33)
FLS016 Cub Front Decking Sheet (part 36)
FLS017 Cub Tailplane Rear (part 39)
FLS018 Cub Tailplane Front (part 40)
FLS019 Cub Tailplane Elevator (part 41)
FLS020 Cub Tailplane Fin Rear (part 42)
FLS021 Cub Tailplane Fin Front (part 43)
FLS022 Cub Tailplane Rudder (part 44)
FLS023 Cub Rear Top Decking (part 45)
FLS024 Cub Fin Strake (part 54)
FLS025 Cub Wing Dowel (part 55)
FLS026 Cub Rudder Push Rod (part 56)
FLS027 Cub Elevator Push Rod (part 57)
FLS028 Cub Grooved Tailing Edge (part 59)
FLS029 Cub Outboard Tailing Edge (part 60)
FLS030 Cub Ailerons Tailing Edge (part 61)
FLS031 Cub Acetate Cockpit Window
FLS032 Cub Stiffeners 6 X 12
FLS033 Cub Packing Strips 3 X 6
FLS034 Cub Plans
FLS035 Cub Instruction
FLS036 Cub Undercarriage Complete With V Pieces
FLS037 Cub Rib Panels For Build Up Wing (4 Ribs)
FL1037A Cub Conv. Wing Kit 3 To 4 Ch (B/Up)
FL1042 Fokker D7 Kit
FL2020 Cowl and side cheeks
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL2053 Suggested wheels
FL2042A Decals
FL1031 Fokker Tri-Plane Kit
FL2059 Suggested pilot
FL2056 Suggested wheels
FL2027 Cowl
FL2068 Wing bolt set
FL1004 Hannibal Kit
FL2056 Suggested wheels
FL2059 Suggested pilot
FL2027 Cowl
FL2068 Wing bolt set
FL1022 Legionaire Kit
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL2053 Suggested wheels
FL2024 Cowl
FL2045A Decals
FL1002 Magnattila MkII Kit
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL2053 Suggested wheels
FL2051 Suggested float set
FL2042 Decals
FL2024 Cowl
FL1055 Messerschmitt Bf 110 Electric Kit
FL2496A Nose
FL2496B Nacelles set
FL2496C Spinner back plates
FL2496D Moulding set
FL2068B Wing bolt set
FL1255 Decals
FL1001 Puppeteer MkII Kit
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL2053 Suggested wheels
FL2050 Suggested float set
FL2045 Decals
FL2024 Cowl
FL1032 S.E.5.A Kit
FL2058 Suggested pilot
FL2053 Suggested wheels
FL2044 Decals
FL2029 Cowl
FL1047 Tiger Moth Kit
FL1252 Suggested pilot
FL1231 ABS mouldings set
FL1230 Cowl
FL1201A Complete undercarriage kit
FL1201 Undercarriage legs, pair
FL1220 Wheels with covers, pair
FL2068 Wing bolt set, 2 required