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What would the formula one be without Ferrari?

Get your formula one airplane with a vortex !!!

In 3 years of engineering we have developed an brilliant airplane. The 9%ige original profile is strengthened by carbon in all heady pressured areas

The high performance wings are mounted on a elegant fuselage strengthened with lots of carbon. The wings have an profile of 9 % MH 32, are although fully armed with carbon and they are moulded in nc milled aluminium forms. Vortex offers an wide range of usability, from cruising till full speed aerobatic soaring.

You can use the vortex for all flying purposes, very slow gliding or full aerobatic speeding.
With a electric motor set you can expand this racer to an extrem-hotliner.
Technical data:

span   4280 mm
wing area   94 qdm
profile   MH 32 original
fuselage length   1900 mm
weight    5600 g
wing load   58 g/dm
extra load capacity   1500g

Technical description and content

- ARF wings triple sectioned, full area carbon arming, torsion stable and fully edged rudders and ailerons with E-Flap ready mounted, Round steel wing mounting, TA servo lock system, aluminium airbrakes

- ARF elevator with 3D-wingtips, fixed with safety-system

- ARF rudder with ready finished fillet

- Fuselage pur white, with comprehensive CFK-AFK-stabilisation, ready fixed cables, rudder mounting

- Accessories: CNC machined RC-board, complete description, TA-servo lock set with hood.