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The Nimbus is a beautiful Scale Glider and has been reconstructed and updated on a top level with full carbon technology. An optimal blend was found between a scale-looking and a high-performance glider. Due to the four-section wing construction it is easy to transport. The Replica of the famous Schempp-Hirth super aircraft has elegance and optimal flying characteristics. The Nimbus 4 is an exclusive glider for the ambitious pilot in almost any flying condition.

The wing surfaces are reinforced with carbon fiber over the whole surface, the power transfer from the wings to the spars is given by high quality spar connectors into vertical carbon covered full spars. The pure white fuselage has lots of carbon fiber reinforcements.


Technical structure

- ARC-Wings four-sections, all around carbon reinforced, INTRO-TEC, ready integrated wing connectors, high-performance wing-rod, ailerons and flaps ready installed with elastic flap and filled up spar webbing, red anodized aluminium airbrakes, TA servo lock-systems

- ARC-Elevator with 3D-edging strips in INTRO-TEC

- ARC-Rudder with hollow fillet

- Fuselage with tail plane fixtures, 3 D - moulded wing rod fairing, carbon fibre reinforcement, weight-optimized, servo tray

- Canopy, Fibre glass canopy frame

- Abounding hardware package

Wingspan 5995 mm
Fuselage length 1780 mm
All-up weight approx. 6700 g
Wing loading 80 g/dm2
Wing section HQ 3,0 Strak