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This model was voted as superb in 2004 from German Modeller Magazines

This powerful optimised F3J sports model with F3B characteristics has a wide range of usability:- endless soaring, rapid speeding and full acrobatic programmes, using the F3B hoist.

High performance wings with an profile of 9 % MH 32 * fully armed with carbon* wings are moulded in nc milled aluminium forms * full contacted wing spar with carbon belts * genius wing fixing system ( without using any tools ).

With the genius wing mounting system, you need no tools to get this model ready to fly, just clip in the wings and here we go. the white fuselage has a superb shining finish and a lots of CFK/AFK armings and lots of safety reserve.





Technical data:
span    3400 m
wing area    72 qdm
profile    MH 32 original
fuselage    length 1560 mm
weight    2350 g
wing load    34g/dm

Technical construction and content

- ARC wings with triple v-form, optimised 3-D wingtip, Full size - INTRO- technic, torsion stable and fully edged rudders and ailerons with E-Flap ready mounted, with a new landing flap lip on the upper side. Round steel wing mounting in carbon-covered body

- VLW rudder in Balsa-carbon-construction with 3D-wingtips, fixed and edged rudders

- Fuselage: pure white, with marking in the front nose for elektromotor installation, TA-fuselage-
wing clip-in system ( wing fixing without tools ), CFK-AFK- fuselage body

- Accessories: Carbon-covered RC-board, carbon-hood, high quality fixing parts, stainless - steel wing rod, with carbon inlay, complete description, TA-servo lockset with carbon hood.