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A medium size glider with superb looks and performance

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Flamingo 2001
The Flamingo 2001 is supplied with success built-in. The model comes out of the kit box in ready-built form, or even completely factory-covered. Just install the receiving system, and there's nothing to stop you launching the model on its first flight. The Flamingo 2001 is equally suitable for winch launch, aero-tow and slope flying. It forms a formidable weapon for use in any glider competition incorporating precision duration and landing tasks.

Epoxy fuselage with hard white surface, snake outers and MULTiIock wing retainer system bonded-in
Obechi-skinned wings with factory-fitted 10 mm dia wing joiner system, INTRO leading edge and finish-sanded trailing edge
Obechi-skinned tailplane, joiners pre-fitted, finished leading edge and trailing edge
Complete set of wooden parts and small items, canopy frame and canopy, 10 mm dia wing joiner, decal sheet (name placard)
Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations

Wingspan 2850 mm
Fuselage length 1345 mm
All-up weight 2300 - 2600 g
Wing loading mm 42 g/dm2
Wing section HQ series 3.2-11 mod.
Functions A/R/E Sp/Aero-tow