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Contest winning
A 3.7 metre contest hot ship

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There is no substitute for performance - except more performance; which brings us neatly to the EuroMaster.
This is a pure-bred high-performance competition machine of the latest generation, with a wingspan of 3700 mm and an aspect ratio significantly higher than the standard for F3B and F3J. These features give the model a much better distance performance than usual, which means that it is easier to cross areas of poor air, and make optimum use of thermals. The model is also highly impressive at launch-time - whether by hand-tow or winch. The slim, deep fuselage provides adequate space for the airborne equipment, and gives plenty of side area for arrow-straight launches and clean, smooth circling.
Tangentís carbon processing technology and the latest manufacturing techniques ensure that the wings are ultra- rigid, which means that you can exploit the model's full performance potential without having to worry about airframe strength. These wings certainly bear comparison with moulded all-glass panels.
There are still two important arguments in favour of "sandwich" (foam/veneer) technology: on the one hand such wings can be repaired comparatively easily if you have a minor accident during general flying; and on the other hand they offer clear economic advantages.
Low wing loading for excellent mm. sink: only around 38 g/dm2.
Good distance performance due to carefully optimized geometry and modern airfoils; model can carry ballast.
Superb launching characteristics short towing times, maximum launch heights.
Accurate spot-landings with "butterfly" (crow) setting of ailerons and camber changing flaps.

Technology and features
  • Multi-layer GRP fuselage with carbon reinforcement.  Factory-fitted snakes and threaded sockets for wing mounting
  • GRP rudder with knuckle hinge
  • Three-part wing with aerodynamically efficient wingtip geometry. A proven airfoil is employed, specially modified for this application, endowing the model with very good-natured handling combined with extremely high performance.
  • Master Edition wing construction:
  • Carbon reinforcement combined with solid, full-contact spars produces a torsionally rigid wing with excellent bending strength. The wings have Intro leading edges and are finish-sanded over the full profile (thin trailing edge).
  • The control surface recesses are pre-lined under the wing skins. The wing joiner is a 10 mm 0 carbon rod, and the sockets for the joiner are factory-installed in the wings.
  • Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations.
Wingspan 3700 mm
Fuselage Length 1670 mm
All up weight - min. approx. 3300 g
with ballast up to approx. 3800 g (2 lead rods)
Wing loading min 38 g/dm2
Wing section HQ 2.5-9W mod
Functions Ail/Elev/Rud/Flaps/Sp (butterfly)