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Contest winning
A 3.7 metre contest electric hot ship

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The ElektroMaster is the electric version of the EuroMaster. Fit it with a suitable brushless motor system and it will sniff thermals easily. The wing loading increases to approx. 44 g/dm2 for the ElektroMaster which makes it fast and well able to cross areas of low lift rapidly.

Power requirements
Brushless motors capable of driving a 15 x 9.5 prop at approx 6800 rpm.
An example would be the Plettenberg HP 220/20 A3 P4 5:1 SL motor with speed controller (for 8-10 cells).

Technology and features

  • Multi-layer GRP fuselage with carbon reinforcement.  Factory-fitted snakes and threaded sockets for wing mounting
  • GRP rudder with knuckle hinge
  • Three-part wing with aerodynamically efficient wingtip geometry. A proven airfoil is employed, specially modified for this application, endowing the model with very good-natured handling combined with extremely high performance.
  • Master Edition wing construction:
  • Carbon reinforcement combined with solid, full-contact spars produces a torsionally rigid wing with excellent bending strength. The wings have Intro leading edges and are finish-sanded over the full profile (thin trailing edge).
  • The control surface recesses are pre-lined under the wing skins. The wing joiner is a 10 mm 0 carbon rod, and the sockets for the joiner are factory-installed in the wings.
  • Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations.
Wingspan 3700 mm
Fuselage Length 1670 mm
All up weight - min. approx. 3300 g
with ballast up to approx. 3800 g (2 lead rods)
Wing loading min 38 g/dm2
Wing section HQ 2.5-9W mod
Functions Ail/Elev/Rud/Flaps/Sp (butterfly)