DG 600 Evolution

Products Code:   TA008S standard edition

Products Code:   TA008ME master edition

Evolution brings refinement.
3.6 metres of real class.

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DG 600 Evolution
The DG 600 is the latest version of the renowned 600 series made by DG Flugzeubau GmbH. This single seatb18 m racing class glider offers an impressive blend of performance and elegant good looks. The model is extremely versatile, and can be flown as a thermal soarer at a flat field (winch and aero-tow) as well as a spirited slope soarer.
Like the full-size machine our model of the DG 600 EVOLUTION features ailerons and camber-changing flaps. The control surfaces can be deployed using the Butterfly (crow) method in order to provide accurate landings even at restricted flying sites.

Lightweight, high quality GRP fuselage with durable white surface, factory installed snake outers, MULTilock wing retainer system, bellcrank and tail post.
Lightweight, finish-sanded obechi-skinned wings with finished leading edge, machine-slotted and lined ailerons and camber-changing flaps, pre-fitted wing joiner system with round joiner rod; machined servo wells
Finish-sanded obechi -skinned tailplane and balsa rudder
Complete fittings set including high-quality accessories for control surface linkages, canopy frame and smoked-tint canopy with GRP spring canopy latch
Decal set
Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations


Wingspan 3600 mm
Fuselage length 1450 mm
Wing area (FAI) approx 61 dm2
All up weight min. 2900 g
Wing loading (FAI) min 48 g/dm2
Wing section RG series
Tailplane section NACA 0009-0010
Optional Aero tow release, airbrakes

The Master Edition
In this version the wings are constructed with sophisticated carbon reinforcement under the skins. The carbon cloth is laid at 45 degrees and the carbon rovings are graduated in strength along the span.
These refinements push the machine forward into a new class of high speed gliders.
More speed - more fun! (additional weight approx. 200 g)
Canopy frame and canopy are factory trimmed as standard,