Alpina 4001 Elektro

Products Code:   TA002

An old friend in a new form - electric.
The epitome of performance gliding.

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Alpina 4001 ELEKTRO
... ready to cover, excl. airbrakes MX21 4164
The Alpina was first introduced in the early 1980ís. Since this time its outstanding flying characteristics have made it a familiar and popular model amongst the gliding fraternity both in Germany and abroad. The design has been flown in dozens of competitions, and has indeed won many of them. In the early 90ís the Alpina
Magic was added to the line, its main innovation being variable wingspan.
The modelís large size makes it easy to see in the air, and this allows the pilot to fly safely over a very wide radius. The introduction of the Alpina 4001 saw a further significant improvement in the machineís performance. The modelís broad speed range makes it easy to cross large areas of poor air quickly and easily, and you do not need to fear turbulent conditions and stormy weather.
Many modellers have also expressed a wish for an electric version of the Alpina 4001. Quite a number of Alpinas have been converted by individual modellers, and Multiplex staff members have also had excellent experience with their own conversions.
This made us confident about producing the Alpina 4001 ELEKTRO.

Special features:

  • Ready made wings: finish sanded wing panels, full lining strips to ailerons and flaps fitted under the wing skins.
  • Ready made rudder and tailplane panels: with pivot bushes, ready-made joiner system, finish-sanded leading edges, trailing edges and tips.
  • Ready made wing joiner system: ground, high strength 12 mm dia high-quality steel joiner rod.
  • Professional-standard GRP/CFRP fuselage with hard white surface, factory-fitted snakeĒ outer sleeves, prepared for MULTIlock wing retainer system, moulded-in cooling air intakes; local carbon reinforcements.
  • Ready-made carbon canopy.
    Complete fittings set including all top-quality linkage components required.
  • Servo frames for ailerons and flaps: injection-moulded plastic with screw-fitting covers for secure servo mounting.
  • Pro-standard tailplane bellcrank with precision bearings and proper load distribution for the all-moving tailplane.
  • Decal / name placard sheet
Wingspan 4001 mm
Fuselage length 1690 mm
All-up weight approx. 4700 to 4900 g
Wing loading 60 g/dm2
Wing section RG series mod.
Functions Ail/Rud/Elev/Flaps/Airbrakes

Recommended power system
Profi Brushless power set MX33 2685
Plettenberg HP 220/20 A3 P4 5:1 SL electric motor, 15 x 10Ē prop with 40 mm dia spinner and speed controller.
Use 12 x 3000 mAH cells and this will permit about 5 climbs to 150 m altitude.