Alpina 4001

Products Code:   TA001

An old friend in its latest form - even better.
The epitome of performance gliding.

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Alpina 4001 PRO
MX21 4330 Ready to cover inc. airbrakes

Development of the Alpina has continued for over 20 years. The result is a high performance model glider with low sink rate, impressive glide angle, outstanding circling characteristics, broad speed range and incredible strength.

The Alpina 4001 PRO is so manoeuvrable that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a much smaller model. As a result this glider can be flown from quite small slopes and offers exciting potential for aerobatics. The use of camber changing flaps expands the modelís flight envelope considerably. Beautifully balanced handling on aero tow and on the winch. Also a great model for flat field flying.


  • Ready made wings with local carbon reinforcements and factory fitted airbrakes. Finish sanded wing panels, full lining strips to ailerons and flaps fitted under the wing skins.
  • Ready-made rudder and tailplane panels: with pivot bushes, ready-made joiner system, finish-sanded tips.
  • Ready made wing joiner system: ground, high-strength 12 mm dia high quality steel joiner rod.
  • Professional standard GRP/CFRP fuselage with hard white surface, factory fitted snake outer sleeves, prepared for MULTiIock wing retainer system, pre-fitted tailplane bellcrank. All fuselage openings machine-cut. Local carbon reinforcements.
  • Ready-made carbon canopy with high-gloss surface finish.
  • Complete fittings set including all top-quality linkage components required.
  • Servo frames for ailerons and flaps: injection-moulded plastic with screw-fitting covers for secure servo mounting.
  • Pro-standard tailplane bellcrank with precision bearings and proper load distribution for the all-moving tailplane.
  • Decal / name placard sheet.
Wingspan 4001 mm
Fuselage length 1760 mm
All-up weight approx. 4900 g
Wing loading approx. 60 g/dm2
Wing section RG series mod.
Functions Ail/Rud/Elev/Flaps/Aero-tow/Airbrakes