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Sleek and great to fly.
A medium size glider with superb looks and performance.

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ASW 27 B
The ASW 27 B is the latest 15m racing class sailplane to be produced by the Alexander Schleicher company (AS), and was designed by Dipl. Ing. G. Waibel (W). The "B" version of the ASW 27 is distinguished by its large winglets. Like the full-size sailplane, the Tangent CONTEST-Line model of the 27 B offers a superb combination of performance and handling. This compact, fully aerobatic model is designed both for slope soaring and flat field flying, the latter using winch or aero-tow launch methods. For landing control the ailerons and flaps can be deflected to the Butterfly (crow) setting.
The control mixing for a full house version of this model is fairly complex and a computer radio is recommended such as the Profi 3030 or Royal Evo.

Lightweight, high-quality GRP fuselage with durable white surface, tail post, snake outers and MULTilock wing retainer system already bonded in place.
Lightweight, finish-sanded obechi skinned wing panels with finished leading edge, machined and lined aileron and flap recesses, machined servo wells, factory-fitted wing joiner and 8mm dia spring steel joiner rod, pre-fabricated winglets.
Pre-fabricated balsa tailplane and rudder panels.
Complete fittings set including high-quality accessories for control surface linkages, canopy frame and canopy, wooden parts set.
Multi-part decal sheet.
Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations.
Wingspan 2600mm
Fuselage length 1170 mm
Wing area (FAI) approx. 37 dm2
AU-up weight approx. 1850g
Wing loading (FAI) approx. 49 g/dm2
Wing section RG mod.
Functions Ail/Rud/Elev
Options Aero-tow release, Flaps.