ASH 26

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Grace and elegance.
Scale gliders look beautiful in flight.

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ASH 26
Master Edition incl. airbrakes
ASH standing for Alexander Schleicher with Martin Heide the designer is a well known abbreviation in gliding circles and very famous too. The full size ASH26 was developed and built by the Schleicher company based in Poppenhausen. The machine is available as a pure glider and as a powered version with a retractable engine in which guise it is known as the ASH 26E. Unlike most 18m gliders, which are just bored out standard class machines, the full size ASH 26 was designed from the outset as an 18 m glider. As a result itís performance is close to that of the classic open class sailplanes, but with significantly better handling. Emulating the full size aircraft, our model of the ASH 26 also constitutes a sweet handling machine with an extraordinary wide performance spectrum coupled with an impressive appearance.

Special Features
Light weight, high quality, high strength GRP fuselage with hard white surface, carbon-reinforced.
Lightweight, finish-sanded obechi-skinned wings with genuine INTRO leading edge.
Integral double laminated spar.
Generously proportioned factory-fitted 12 mm dia wing joiner system.
Pre-fitted MULTilock wing retainer system.
Moulded GRP canopy frame with cockpit and seat.
Camber-changing flaps for an ultra-broad speed range.
Building instructions including many useful tips and illustrations.

Technical features
The wings are supplied finish-sanded overall, and incorporate integral leading edges and tips under the skins. The ailerons and camber-changing flaps are internally lined with a full-length strip of balsa. The solid spar, reinforced with plywood, extends as far as the centre of the aileron and connects the top and bottom skins securely, while a second spar is fitted at the machined aileron well to avoid local weakness. The 12 mm dia joiner system is factory-installed, and consists of a 12 mm 0 hardened steel joiner with stiffener tube.
Wingspan 4050 mm
Fuselage length 1785 mm
All-up weight 4900 - 5800 g
Wing loading min. approx. 60 g/dm2
Wing section RG series mod.
Functions Ail/Elev/Rud/Flaps
Tow release/Airbrakes