Glass Cloth and Tape

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Glass Tape
Suitable for general reinforcing and wing joining. Use epoxy or polyester resins to apply.

Width Length
2 m 50 m
25 mm (1") n/a FL4060
50 mm (2") FL4067 FL4068
75 mm (3") FL4061 FL4062
100 mm (4") FL4063 FL4064
150 mm (6") FL4065 FL4066
Glass Cloth
suitable for wing skinning and light reinforcement of sheeted areas or joins etc.
Sold in 1 and 3 metre lengths 960 mm wide, 17 gm/sq m and 25 gm/sq m.

Weight Length
1 m 3 m
17 gm/sq m (nom) FL6170 FL6171
25 gm/sq m (nom) FL6172 FL6173
Wing Joining Packs
A length of wing joining glass tape is supplied with sufficient Europox epoxy resin and hardener to join common sized wings. The epoxy will not attack the foam core of the wing.
c/w 75 mm wide tape 560 mm long FL4011
c/w 100 mm wide tape 650 mm long FL4010