Epoxy Resin Adhesives

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Super Set and Twin Set Epoxy Adhesives
Both of these are quick setting tough epoxy adhesives. In warm weather they can be expected to cure to a rubbery hardness in about 5 minutes achieving full cure in about 24 hrs.
They do not harden to a glass like state but to a slightly flexible but tough joint, ideal for areas in a model that suffer from knocking or vibration.
Note that these and other epoxy resins can be used to join polystyrene foam.
Super Set, total 225 gm FL4001
Twin Set, handy dispenser
similar dispenser to 1 hour Epoxy

Super Set

Twin Set

1 hour Epoxy.
We have extended our range of epoxy resins to include a higher strength 1 hour cure type. This is for those jobs where time is not of the essence or where time is required for positioning and clamping. Supplied in a handy two part syringe.