Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Superglues)

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Flash (Super Glue)
The revolution in adhesives technology. Long gone are the periods of waiting whilst adhesive sets. Flash does it in seconds.
Our cyanoacrylate adhesive is available in two viscosities.

Red Flash,
thin, for instant bonding. Red Flash can be applied after a joint has been positioned. Its low viscosity means that it will flow down the joint faces by capillary action. Eg. set out all your wing ribs and spars over a plan and then run Red Flash into the joints for a perfect and quick assembly. Joints are very strong because of the penetration into the wood.

Blue Flash
is thicker and will not soak into balsa immediately.
An ideal use is apparent for sheeted areas. Blue Flash will sit on top of ribs and spars, for instance, awaiting the application of sheet.
The Flash adhesives will bond most materials but activator can be used for the more awkward combinations.

20 gms / 50 gms
Red Flash FL4025A / FL4027
Blue Flash FL4026A / FL4028

Check the Capillary tube on this page for a perfect method of delivering a tiny spot of Red Flash dead on target.

Flash Activator
Joining balsa and liteply with Flash is very quick. The cure is almost instantaneous. There are materials which do not accept cyanoacrylate adhesives quite so easily and have to be encouraged sometimes, eg. some harder plywoods.
Just apply a small amount of activator from the brush or spray nozzle supplied to get extremely rapid cure. FL4029
Capillary Tube
Deliver a tiny amount of Red Flash exactly where you want it, even inside a structure. Snip the end off the Red Flash tube and insert a length of capillary, usually about 2. When the tube blocks just snip off the end and deliver some more.
760 mm (30) FL2182